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#232   aggyE-Mail29.11.2005 - 14:12
all right lads good luck on yer supporters club at least right now yer far away from glesca and smug tims

#231   AlexE-Mail28.11.2005 - 22:54
McLeish has to go!!!right now!!! This is an SOS..every
rangers fan worldwide should
send an e-mail to David Murray
to save our beloved club and
tell him to get ride of Mcleish
I can\t stand the shame anymore..
No Surrender 1690 FTGP WATP

#230   gemmaE-Mail28.11.2005 - 12:06
hiya fuck the pope and the ira no surrender 1690 all the way king billy lives on

#229   Davie fae bellshill, scotlandE-Mail17.11.2005 - 09:39

#228   Yves KellerE-MailHomepage14.11.2005 - 19:42
Chelsea And Rangers Forever! Echt ne geile Page, weiter so...

#227   Stuart DuncanE-MailHomepage08.11.2005 - 18:02
Come On The Gers!!!

#226   JimE-Mail31.10.2005 - 15:14
Excellent site, I am going to Salzburg on the 24th of November

#225   Peter In Larne, UlsterHomepage14.10.2005 - 17:22
Hello Franz and Rolley, Great to meet up with you over last few days, really enjoyed the trip to Vienna for the Northern Ireland match, many thanks to the Austria True Blues for making our visit so enjoyable. Look forward to meet you all again in 3 weeks time for the Bratislava game.

#224   GemmaE-MailHomepage12.10.2005 - 13:40
great site good luck in europe , see you all in vienna on oct 30th

#223   GemmaE-Mail11.10.2005 - 13:44
hiya ur sites great

#222   FergienblueE-Mail10.10.2005 - 19:29
Looking forward to the Bratislva game. Any tickets about Franz? See you all in Bartislava on the 1st and Vienna on the 2nd. Where is your drinking place in Vienna - Billys Bones or Red Lion?

#221   cookie27.09.2005 - 22:07
hi to you all from the bedworth loyal r.s.c. england no surrender 1690

#220   robbie fraserE-MailHomepage09.09.2005 - 22:47
Great site, see you all in vienna on oct 30th!! please check out Thurso RSC website & add to links! NO SURRENDER

#219   bristolgerE-Mail03.09.2005 - 23:49
thanks to franz for is help great site looking forward to meeting you all soon

#218   FergienblueE-Mail03.09.2005 - 12:16
See you all in Bratislava on the 1st November.
Also in Vienna on the 2nd.
Thanks for the e-mail Franz, look forward to receiving the information re pubs,etc.

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