UEFA European League Matchday 6

13th December 2018

  Rapid Vienna     vs.     Rangers FC

  KICK OFF - 18.55

Welcome all Rangers Fans in Vienna at Red Lion Pub

The Red Lion will open for Bears arriving before Matchday, on 12th Dec. at 10am.

On 13th Dec is opening at 10.00 am for eat, drinks, etc. After the game with open end. Bears without tickets can stay and watch the game in Red Lion, entree tickets not needed

VTB Merchandising Store are at Red Lions Pub opens on 13th also at 10.00. Fans with an Online-Pre-Order can pick up the stuff also at this stand.


Fanwalk to Weststadion

There will be are going extra "Special Train Sets of Metro Green Line "U4" from "Schwedenplatz", directly to station "Ober St. Veit". Meeting point is between 4-5 pm. On 5pm starts the Fanwalk to the Arena. Normal the time for this walk will be about 30-40 Minutes. You can sing, play music instruments,

Please beware BENGALI FIRE and Glasbottles NOT ALLOWED.

Police will be controlled and if necessary fans the not accept this rules, arrested.


On Friday, 14th December is our VTB "WATP X-Mas Night" with DJ LX. Limited Entree-Tickets for this Party-Night are availble. Price 5,- : order Ticket

All Gers Fans the stay longer in Vienna are welcome.


If you have other questions, please write us vie E-Mail: viennabears@gmx.at

ATTENTION: We cannot give a garantie for tickets for the away-sector.

We will do our best to make your trip to Vienna careful.

C U in Vienna Guys, WATP

No Surrender!


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