UEFA European League Matchday 6

13th December 2018

  Rapid Vienna     vs.     Rangers FC

  KICK OFF - 18.55

Welcome all Rangers Fans in Vienna at Red Lion Pub

The Red Lion will open on 12th Dec. at 12 pm with open end. On 13th open at 9 o`clock for breakfast, after the game with open end.

VTB Merchandising Shop are at Red Lions Pub opens on 12th at 12.00. Fans with a Pre-Order can pick up the ordered stuff also at this stand.

About news and Information for Tickets, Fanmile, Public Viewing, Fan-Walk, Music, etc... you can find the informations asap here.

VTB celebrate on 14th our VTB-X-Mas Party. All Gers Fans the stay longer in Vienna are welcome.

If you have other questions, please write us vie E-Mail: viennabears@gmx.at

ATTENTION: We cannot give a garantie for tickets for the away-sector.

We will do our best to help as we get any news from the Rapid Vienna Club.

C U in Vienna Guys, WATP

No Surrender!


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