Darts, authentic british Beer and food and cared for by a native of England with cult following. This is the "Red Lion" - a British pub in the middle of the third district. Owner Kurt manages easily to convey the flavor of fish and chips in the lion's alley.

In this place there is only one strict rule: there is none. Kurt welcomes each guest as a loving family that has become a member of his charming wife Ilse can ever get hold of for the wee hours one üsschen. Primarily in the English pub English is communicated, but for the most beautiful way: the Oxford English. As in any decent pub also runs the TV constantly, especially with sports - football - the Rangers Supporters Club "Vienna True Blues" has its headquarters - and even darts live. Should also house various tournaments darts clubs in Vienna are common here, but miss you play better - here are "professionals" at work. A special treat: here still cooks the boss himself, on the menu are typical British fare. The big hit, in addition to the legendary cheeseburger, the feasts of the English public holidays. Then here is traditional with laurel leaves, holly and other decorated, the kitchen can be really nothing to be desired - very delicate. Feared, but only by the neighbors, the legendary karaoke nights, where the guests are crowded in part to close the door. For Kurt always a hardness test that the master but both with flying colors and natural friendliness.

The only thing you must put your heart to the guests: they should be hard drinking. Who celebrates here is to you and you with hard liquor, especially hosts Kurt.

Welcome to the Red Lion.

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